6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore

Singapore‘s rich culture, diverse ethnic population, exciting tourist attractions and an amazing variety of mouth-watering dishes; get ready to be delighted by this exhilarating urban jungle.

1. A cultural melting pot

Mosque at Kampong Glam, Arab Street
Mosque at Kampong Glam, Arab Street

Because of its rich history, Singapore is a place where different cultures meet. The main ethnic cultures of Chinese, Malay and Indian have directly influenced Singapore’s idiosyncratic culture. Visit Singapore’s ethnic neighbourhoods (Chinatown, Arab St and Little India) for a deeper dive into the different cultures that influence this city-state.

2. Great family destination

Singapore Universal Studios
Roller Coaster at Singapore Universal Studios

With theme parks like the Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Water Park, Marine Life Park and more, Singapore’s is full of fun & educational family activities that kids and the kids-at-heart are sure to love.

3. Delectable local food

Singapore Street Food
Singapore Street Food

With a cuisine as diverse at its culture and a nation collectively obsessed with eating, Singapore’s unique culinary identity is “die-must-try”. Chicken rice, chili crab, carrot cake (not what you think it is!), sambal stingray and fried Hokkien mee – these are just some of the local favourites that will make your mouths water. The best way to try the local fare is to eat like the locals do and head down to the hawker centres (Psst…Newton Food Centre and Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre are the best!). If you are overwhelmed by the variety of available food,  just look for the stalls with the longest queue!

4. Breathtaking views

Singapore Marina Bay skyline at dusk
Singapore Marina Bay skyline at dusk

Catch the impressive and iconic views of Singapore’s skyline and the Marina Bay District. The best spot to view the city and beyond is from the Singapore Flyer, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

Where to stay: Imagine waking up and going home to the iconic Singapore skyline. Stay in the famed Marina Bay area for the fantastic views of the city.

5. Get in touch with your wild side

SEA Aquarium

Despite Singapore being a bustling metropolis, it is not lacking in natural beauty. Get in touch with your wild side by visiting the Singapore Zoo or Night Safari where you can explore the animal kingdom in “open” exhibits and in as close to their natural habitats as possible. Or, learn about the marine life in SEA Aquarium, one of the largest in Asia.

6. Exciting nightlife


Singapore has long shed its boring image. It has a wide range of vibrant entertainment choices. You can dance the night away at clubs or chill out at lounges and wine bars or treat yourself to five-star dining experiences.

7. Shoppers Paradise

Singapore is also one of Asia’s best shopping hubs. From glitzy malls to vibrant street markets, Singapore has plenty of options for every kind of shopper. Get designer brands or locally manufactured goods at great prices.

Where to Stay: Find the best holiday homes right in the middle of Singapore’s most popular shopping district, Orchard Rd.

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