9 Magical HomeAway Homes In Asia

Dreaming of a magical getaway that will make you feel like royalty? Well, that dream just came true. There are plenty of dazzling HomeAways across Asia that offer an enthralling experience, the kind that’s fit for a king. What’s more, these accommodation options are surprisingly affordable, making your dream trip closer to reality. Yes folks, in Asia, you don’t have to be as wealthy as the Kardashians to experience something unforgettable.

Don’t know where to start? From a contemporary villa in Japan’s bustling capital to a traditional Korean house, here are top 10 picks for the best and most wondrous HomeAways in the Asian continent.

 1. Villa Kalipay luxurious seaview villa in Phuket

HomeAway Phuket
Luxurious Sea View Villa In Phuket

Scenic and soothing, this luxurious 3-storey seaview villa is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Not only is it located in one of the world’s top beach destinations, but it also boasts eye-catching modern art and handcrafted furniture made by the finest designers in Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines. Furthermore, it has a lovely location that gives you a breathtaking view of the sea and sun setting behind Phuket’s mountains and sculpted foot hills.

To top it all off, it has a host of amenities that make for an indulgent stay, including an indoor cinema, private pool, and a whole lot more.

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2. Traditional village house in Seoul

HomeAway Seoul
Beautiful Traditional Korean House

Want to get a sweet taste of Korea’s culture and history? Then make sure to book a stay at this traditional village house in Seoul, South Korea. As their guest, you’ll get easy access to the historic Kyoungbok-gung palace as well as Joongang High School, which was used as the setting for the beloved Korean drama, ‘Winter Sonata’. In addition, this guesthouse exudes a traditional Korean cultural atmosphere, housing unique and elaborate decors. And while the guesthouse is quite historical, it has been recently renovated with present-day luxuries, adding a sufficient touch of modernity.

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3. Romantic clifftop villa in Bali

HomeAway Bali
Romantic Clifftop Luxury Villa in Bali

Nothing evokes a sense of romance better than a stay at this romantic clifftop villa in Bali with your partner. With its picturesque views, private pool, and laid-back ambiance, you’ll definitely feel like a king or queen unwinding in a posh vacation house. Here, you’ll get to sleep in a huge and cushy European spring mattress fitted with crisp white pillows and sheets, and finely draped by tailored mosquito nets. Likewise, you may lounge comfortably in the private pool area, while enjoying a glass of wine, listening to the crashing waves and waiting for the sun to set beautifully.

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4. Historic Japanese home in Kyoto

HomeAway Kyoto
Historic Japanese Machiya in Kyoto

Headed to Kyoto? Don’t forget to book a stay at the Kyoto Toji Samurai Machiya! Nestled wonderfully in a serene neighbourhood, this 2-storey samurai palace is just a short walk away (300 meters to be precise) from the renowned East Temple. Offering a refined atmosphere, this historic Japanese home in Kyoto is filled with stunning Japanese tradition art works and warrior sculptures. Blending old Japanese traditions with modern-day comforts, it’s fairly comfortable and relaxing as well, with a ton of niceties, including satellite TV and a super-fast, optical fibre interact access.

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5. Stunning beachfront villa in Bali

HomeAway Bali
Beachfront Villa In Bali

Stylish and impeccably sized, this stunning beachfront dazzles with its awe-inspiring ocean views and stunning green natural backdrop. Free from the urban noise and buzz, this remarkable HomeAway also flaunts casual designer interiors that will rejuvenate your weary spirit with its serene and calm feel.  As an added bonus, it’s just a short hop away from world-class surf spots as well as Bali’s happening hotspots, like Seminyak, Batu Bolong, and Echo Beach.

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6. Cosy apartment in Central Taipei

HomeAway Taipei
Cosy Taipei City Apartment

From snug beds to charming interiors, this cosy apartment has everything you need for a magical stay in Taipei. Set right in the heart of Taiwan’s capital, it has an excellent location too, with easy access to the MRT entrance, Sogo Department Store, and Xinyi Shopping District. And did we mention that it’s a 5-minute drive to the world-famous Taipei 101 building?

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7. Spacious seaview apartment in Hong Kong

HomeAway Hong Kong
Seaview Apartment in Hong Kong

A perfect mixture of the traditional Hong Kong style and the modern west, this luxurious, bright and roomy seaview apartment will make your stay extremely memorable, with its beautiful balcony, marble dinner table, and fine new leather chairs. Of course, it also has classic gorgeous beds with exclusive bed linen, comfortable mattresses, and leather headboards.

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8. Great Wall themed home

HomeAway Beijing
Great Wall of China Themed Home

This Great Wall-themed home is, as you might have guessed, located near the iconic Great Wall of China. It is 73 kilometres north of Beijing, and is the nearest village to China’s most spectacular landmark. Location aside, this beautifully designed HomeAway has no shortage of amenities as well, including an indoor fireplace, hot tub, cable TV, and wireless internet.

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9. Chandra residence in Chiang Mai

HomeAway Chiang Mai
Super Luxurious Villa In Chiang Mai

With its ritzy accommodations and playful, warmth exuding atmosphere, Chandra Residence is definitely one of the top places to stay in Chiang Mai. Nestled in a verdant tropical environment of more than 8,000 square meters, this super luxurious HomeAway has a fine architectural design, featuring teak wood surrounded majestically by an array of indigenous flora. Its interior has unique characteristics, with an eclectic mixture of international designs as well as local crafts and arts. And in spite of its rustic charm, it has all the modern conveniences to make your stay snug and satisfying.

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