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When it really comes down to the basics of a perfect holiday, all one needs is a beautiful place you can call home when you’re away, some really good food and the company of your loved ones. HomeAway has been taking care of the first one for you for a while now. But what about the second – more primal – one? Check out these 10 HomeAways across some of Asia’s hottest holiday destinations, where you can have your cake and eat it too – quite literally, because each of them comes with the option of hiring a private chef during your stay! Feel like royalty – without the responsibility. And when you sit down to savor these gastronomic delights, take a moment to thank the lord –and us.

1. Luxury Villa – Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

HomeAway Bali with private chef
Luxury 3 Bedroom Villa in Bali

Ah, gorgeous, gorgeous Seminyak. If you’re visiting this lovely coastal resort town, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. To which end, we present this delightful 3-bedroom villa just near Bintang market, in the heart of Seminyak. The soothing, earth-toned décor and breezy furnishings make this villa the perfect place for a relaxing getaway from the cares of the world.

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2. Ultimate Entertainment Villa – Phuket, Thailand

HomeAway Phuket
Super Luxurious 7 Bedroom Villa In Phuket

This is for the big onesa bachelor party, or a fun getaway with your gang. Either way, if you’re looking for a holiday villa that will play host to a large group of people without a single compromise to be made, this beauty in Phuket is pretty much the answer to your prayers. Seven luxuriously appointed bedrooms, round-the-clock staff, a private 5-star level chef to cater to your tastes – in the dining room – and a view to die for. What more can you ask for?

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3. Japanese House for Big Family Holidays – Tokyo, Japan

HomeAway Tokyo
Spacious Home For Families In Tokyo

Floor space is a precious commodity in Tokyo, so a house this roomy is a rare treat for a Tokyo tourist. Its homelike furnishings and quiet hilltop location mean that you would be in for some serious rest and relaxation once you step in. Plus, you can choose between traditional Japanese-style bedrooms, or western high beds! And the chef? Of course there is one – and he specialises in both Japanese and Japanese-Chinese fusion cuisine! What’s more – the meals can be customized to suit vegan, vegetarian or kosher diets too. Are you hungry yet? We know we are.

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4. Large House for Big Groups – Hualien County, Taiwan

HomeAway Taiwan
5 Bedroom Holiday Home In Taiwan

Holiday homes that are meant for large groups of people can sometimes be totally devoid of imagination. Not this one – this spacious 5-bedroom house in Taiwan is designed to give you all the comforts and the feeling of staying in an actual home. With a hot tub, free Wi-Fi, a working kitchen, a private chef to cook your meals, and pet-friendly hospitality, it’s quite literally a HomeAway from home!

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5. Luxury Private Pool Villa – Chiang Mai, Thailand

HomeAway Chiang Mai
Sprawling 7 Bedroom Private Pool Villa In Chiang Mai

This 7-bedroom behemoth of a villa in Chiang Mai proudly calls itself “an oasis.” Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet – with a large private pool, a barbecue, staff on hand, a luxurious minivan with a driver to take you around, and a private chef, they are quite entitled to their claim!

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6. Stunning Sea View Home – Hong Kong

HomeAway Hong Kong
Stunning Sea-view Home In Hong Kong

Modern luxury – is that your ideal space? Then this is the perfect HomeAway for you! A large 4-bedroom house situated right on Clearwater Bay, with every amenity imaginable, including a playroom, a barbecue, villa staff, and a private chef. Oh, and did we mention, one of the most magnificent views of the sea around Hong Kong?

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7. The Boathouse: Luxurious Holiday Home – Quảng Nam, Vietnam

HomeAway Vietnam
Luxurious 3 Bedroom Home By An Bang Beach

Rustic elegance, minutes away from the An Bang beach. That’s what you get when you book this uniquely beautiful holiday home with 3 bedrooms. It is spacious enough to have its own garden, and of course there’s a full staff to care for your needs, plus a chef to whip up the most delicious dishes you can imagine! The earthy furnishings give off a vibe of cosy luxury that’s not often found – so don’t lose a minute of enjoying it.

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8. Serendipity: Luxury Private Beach Villa – Sabah, Malaysia

HomeAway Malaysia
Serependity – Luxury Villa Near The Tip Of Borneo

Malaysia is quite the queen among holiday destinations, and deservedly so! If you’re visiting this jewel of a country, you should experience it by staying at a holiday home that echoes all its beauty. Each of its four gorgeous bedrooms is furnished in its own unique way – but that’s not all. There’s a private pool that’s simply out of this world, and the beachfront location guarantees an amazing view! And here’s the clincher – it’s family-friendly, pet-friendly and has an option of requesting for a chef. The best thing about this villa, however, is that there is no landline or cellphone reception. What better place for tech-detox?

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9. The Breathtaking Dreamview Villa – Boracay, Philippines

HomeAway Boracay
Cliffside Luxurious Villa In Boracay

Imagine this – a cliff-side home that’s an island of calm and comfort, surrounded by lush greenery and awe-inspiring views of the horizon. Then, take a peep at this 4-bedroom HomeAway villa that takes that image, and delivers it to you on a silver platter. The simple, airy furnishings, the gorgeous infinity pool with a view of the sea, friendly staff and a private chef on hand to attend to you – book yourself this HomeAway and have the perfect vacation!

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10. Luxury Seaview Villa – Koh Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani, Thailand

HomeAway Koh Samui
5 Bedroom Sea-view Villa In Koh Samui

Forget villas; ‘modern mansion’ is a far more apt description for this ultra-spacious holiday home nestled in the hills of Samui. Minimalistic lines, soothing colours, a dazzling infinity pool, and views that stretch over miles and miles of breath-taking countryside and the ocean. The villa also has a private gym, a welcoming gazebo where you can take your meals in the open air, and a chef to cook them for you!

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Looking to book a HomeAway with a private chef on your next getaway? Just select ‘Chef Available’ in the amenities when you search for a HomeAway and we’ll take care of the rest.


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