Visiting Singapore for the Singapore Grand Prix

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10 places where you must stay in a holiday home and not a hotel

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9 unique HomeAways for your holiday

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Have you ever felt like your accommodation abroad started to close in on you? Your heart started to beat faster, you broke out in a cold sweat, and then you quickly held your chest as you gasped for air? There’s a medical term for that harrowing experience: claustrophobia. A fear of confined spaces, claustrophobia affects …

Hotels may be fancy, but they seldom – if ever – exude the warmth and familiarity of a holiday home. Here are 12 reasons why your next holiday accommodation shouldn’t be a hotel, but instead a vacation home. 1. More space: In a hotel you’re largely confined to your room, and the areas available outside …

‘Get out of your comfort zone’ – we’ve all heard this cliché at some point of our lives. But we’re here to challenge that. Why get out of your comfort zone? It’s named that for a reason. It is comfortable! While hotels with their fancy marketing phrases promise ‘unparalleled comfort’, we’re most comfortable only in …

You’re all set for your Brazil trip. But like many, you probably don’t take a look at safety tips. Here’s a quick summary you should keep handy, always.

Come August, and all eyes will be on Rio, Brazil – the host city of Summer Olympics 2016. But Brazil has much more to offer. Here’s a list of our top picks.