Autumn in Tokyo

Tokyo isn’t just the fast-paced, high-tech metropolis symbolic of present-day Japan. Nature blends itself in seamlessly amidst all the modernity, more so in autumn, when colourful leaves spread across the capital city of Tokyo around November and December like cherry blossoms spread in spring. The city has a lot of gardens and parks lined with trees that shed their leaves beautifully as the autumn season starts. It is a great opportunity to photograph and memorise sights that will go away with the winter, only to return a whole 365 days later. Tokyo has many cosy HomeAways to choose from, so we have shortlisted a few that we think will be perfect for that classic autumn vacation. Have a look.


Shinjuku Gyoen used to be a feudal lord’s Tokyo residence in the 1600s. It was later converted into a botanical garden. World War II completely damaged the garden, but it was restored to the beauty that it is today. Shinjuku is designed under three themes – a Japanese garden, a French garden, and an English garden. The Japanese garden is particularly famous for its cherry blossoms, but in autumn, you will see the entire garden light up as the hundreds of maple trees shed their leaves, particularly near Momijiyama, which translates to Maple Mountain. The garden is well connected to the JR Shinjuku station, a 10-minute walk from the new south exit. Here are two beautiful HomeAways in that area.

1. Spacious apartment for eight

If you have a big group of eight members visiting Shinjuku, this HomeAway apartment might just be it. The apartment has two bedrooms and four double beds, the furnishings are lovely, and it gets a fully equipped kitchen and dining room. In the words of the owner, “The apartment has a great night view of Shinjuku metropolitan skyline and is very close to an exciting environment, many restaurants and shops.” It is also just a 15-minute walk to Shinjuku station. The house has wireless internet, air conditioning and heating, a hot tub, and intercom.

Average cost per night: SGD 233

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2. Zen styled house

This massive home has five bedrooms and can house upto 16 guests. The owners renovated it last year and chose a Zen-styled theme to give you the authentic Japanese experience. It is five minutes away from Hatsudai station, gets wireless internet, air conditioning and heating, a well-appointed kitchen, and intercom facility. There’s a hot tub here too. You could go with just two guests or the full group of 16.

Average cost per night: SGD 442

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More Holiday Homes in Shinjuku

Jingu Kitasando

This place is in the heart of central Tokyo, and that means connection all around is great. You can enjoy the autumn in town or go to the entertainment areas of Shinjuku or even the lively Harajuku. Book this lovely apartment in the neighbourhood.

Modern duplex apartment


The apartment is very close to Harajuku, the rich cultural neighbourhood in Tokyo. With colourful streets, upmarket designer stores, and cute little bars and cafes, Harajuku is ideal for tourists to blend in. The lovely HomeAway has a modern living room, kitchen, and bathroom and can accommodate four guests. There’s even a small terrace in this duplex apartment, ideal for a nice morning cuppa in the land of the rising sun.

Average price per night: SGD 196

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Mejiro Garden

Mejiro garden is stunning in autumn with the colourful leaves painting the garden into an abstract masterpiece. Just a couple of minutes away from Mejiro station, the promenade style design of this garden, a pond, gazebo, waterfall, and the walkway to a tea house, Mejiro exudes peace and tranquillity. The garden is built in a confined space, much like most of Tokyo is, and yet manages to help you forget the bustle of a crowded city.

1. Premium apartment for four

If you like your HomeAways to be fancy and contemporary, this beautiful one bedroom apartment is what you’re looking for. In the Ikebukuro area, the house has all the amenities – cable television, wireless internet, air conditioning, heating, a hot tub, and a full kitchen. It is just a five-minute walk from Ikebukuro station. The host specifically states that the thick walls of the apartment will not disturb neighbours so if you like your nights long and loud, here’s the place to be.

Average price per night: SGD 96

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2. Big for fifteen

A close group of friends travelling to Tokyo to spend an evening watching autumn leaves fall? That’s followed by a long night of partying? You will need a great place to crash for the night, and this HomeAway is just that. Fifteen guests can occupy this big one bedroom apartment. It is walking distance from a 24-hour convenience store; you get cable television, wireless internet, air conditioning, heating, and a hot tub. Ikebukuro station is close by too.

Average price per night: SGD 86

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