The Best Beaches in Thailand

Streets heaving with people racing from work to home, to bar. The smell of Pad Thai emanating from a host of street market stalls. And the sounds of cars, taxis, and motorcycles racing along the roads. This is the image we have of a holiday in Thailand. But you don’t need to navigate a complex network of bus routes cross country to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with friends or family. From local beaches to nearby seaside towns, a holiday in Thailand offers many beaches to enjoy. And all are 1 short bus ride from Bangkok. So where do you need to head?



  1. Koh Kood

best beaches in thailand
Palm trees in tropical perfect beach at Koh Kood , Thailand


A Thai beach without the hustle or bustle of surrounding areas, you can reach Koh Kood by ferry. Almost untouched by Thailand’s tourism trade, Koh Kood offers an authentic Thai experience. Including beachside restaurants offering amazing fresh food and young coconuts.



  1. Hua Hin


best beaches in thailand
sun set time at Hua-Hin beach in Thailand

Hua Hin beach is another favourite of Thai locals. A family friendly beach town, Hua Hin is located by a charming town often frequented by the Thai royal family. Perhaps not as built up and commercialized as other beach towns in Thailand, Hua Hin offer activities for the whole family.


  1. Ko Samet


best beaches in thailand
Samed Island at Rayong Thailand

If you are looking for white sands, blue waters and colourful coral life, head for Ko Samet beach. A 3-hour ferry journey from Bangkok, Ko Samet island, tourists laud this beautiful, cleanly beach. You are sure to fall in love with this picture perfect sand paradise too. Legend has it that there is pirate treasure buried somewhere on the island. So keep your eyes open while traveling to the beach!


  1. Pranburi


best beaches in thailand
Anchor on the fishing boat on the beach at pranburi,thailand.pranburi.

Located close to Hua Hin, the beaches of Pranburi offer you the same beauty, but without the crowds. Although it is a more secluded option, Pranburi may not have all of the amenities of the other beaches, but it is stunning. As such, local Thai families frequent this location on weekends enjoying the great environment.


  1. Koh Chang


best beaches in thailand
Koh chang beach Thailand

Koh Chang island offers a preferable weekend getaway from Bangkok. In Koh Chang you will find beaches which attract tourists and locals alike. Especially White Sand, Pearl, Chai Chet and Lonely beaches which you can explore on the western side of Koh Chang island.

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