Best Luxury HomeAways In Japan

Japan is like a primordial soul cocooned in a modern, innovative body. The country is known for its timeless art, volcanic mountains, sumo wrestling, and so much more. It offers some of the most noteworthy molecular gastronomical experiences while celebrating its traditional pride – sushi.

From beaches to waterfalls and hot springs to parks, a visit to Japan can satiate any traveller’s soul. Amid all the modernism and speed, and castles and sakura, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. So, get ready to hop on a cultural train which runs at a breathtaking speed.

While in Japan, it will be a great idea to live in one of these HomeAways – they are whole houses so you will not complain about space, privacy and noisy neighbours.

1. Luxury Inn, Kyoto
Are you a history buff who digs old places? Look no further. Book this fully renovated Japanese traditional townhouse built over about 100 years ago! However, getting your dose of history does not mean you have to make any compromises on amenities. The HomeAway’s minimalistic designs with all modern luxuries (WiFi, television, washing machine, etc.) makes you appreciate the ethos of Japanese living.

A short distance from the nearby over-1000-year-old Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and the famous Zen Buddhist temple Kinkaku-ji, the townhouse also scores on the convenience scale. If you are travelling with children, then let them spend time at the beautiful, stone-floored garden of the townhouse or in the Japanese-style hot tub made from cedar.

Average price per night: SGD 591

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2. Modern 3-room home, Osaka
As the maddening consumerism takes over the world, the Japanese stand out for their love for simplicity, especially when it comes to their homes. This simple, cosy HomeAway is one such example. With its white interiors and quiet surroundings, you feel you’ve stepped into sheer bliss.

If you are travelling with kids, a fully functional kitchen and proximity to train stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets make this property a great pick. Ikuno, the area in which this HomeAway is located, is quite close to the tourist hotspots like The Tsutenkaku tower, the symbol of Osaka, and the Osaka Castle. During your stay here, don’t forget to try out fresh, mouthwatering Osakan delights made from Kobe beef and grilled scallops at the nearby Kuromon Ichiba market.

Average price per night: SGD 227

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3. Super luxury traditional house, Kyoto
If you want your stay in Japan to be the perfect blend of luxury and traditions, book this property right away. This lavish, spacious, and conveniently located traditional Japanese house is every traveller’s dream come true. With its classy, dark brown interiors and modern amenities, the HomeAway will give you nothing to complain about. It is fuss-free, clean, and inviting!

There is also a subway and bus stop within walking distance of this luxury property.

Average price per night: SGD 1,010

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4. Exquisite Traditional House, Kyoto
Stay at this bright and tranquil Kominka, a traditional Japanese folk house built in 1930s, on your next trip to Kyoto. While you are here, you will wake up to stunning views of hills and valleys. This recently renovated house with three floors having a Japanese garden, two Japanese tatami rooms, and a children’s play area is everything you would want for a happy and comfortable stay.

This HomeAway is located at the safe and residential Okazaki district with the famous temple of Eikando being just a short walk away. Enjoy beautiful sakura viewing during spring while walking on Philosopher’s Path, a pretty promenade. The house is close to train and bus stops making travelling around Kyoto convenient. Your hosts will be happy to arrange for rental bikes or suggest local restaurant gems to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Average price per night: SGD 361

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5. 100-year old luxury Inn, Kyoto
This century-old Japanese townhouse has been renovated recently and has all the modern amenities for your comfort.  It is the perfect place to stay if you want a taste of Japanese traditions amidst all the luxuries. In your free time, hunt for the perfect kimono (rent or buy), visit a lovely tea house, or shop at local markets – all close to this HomeAway. The subway as well as train stations are also a short walk away.

Average price per night: SGD 591

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6. Estate Kohola, Okinawa
If you feel vacations are incomplete without a beach visit, book this stunning HomeAway. Located on the beautiful coral island Sesoko, this house is well connected to the main island by a bridge. The Sesoko beach is, but of course, a stone’s throw away. Make some beautiful memories here — curled up reading your favorite book on a lounge chair sipping your favourite wine basking in the warm, orange hues during sunset or enjoying a fun, family meal with ocean breeze in the house’s outdoor dining area.

For those who want to live it up, have a fun garden BBQ night with your favourite people at the lovely open lawn yard. During your stay, you can access beach towels, beach sheets, and snorkeling gear for free. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium housed in the Ocean Expo Park that is just a short distance away. We bet your kids will love it!

Average price per night: SGD 339

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