Best Ocean View HomeAways In Japan

Japan is a country that stuns you with its magnum of innovation and frighteningly fast technological advancements, while keeping secure its year-old traditions. Eternal temples, robot museums, iconic peaks, high-tech dining venues, quaint tea-houses and immaculate beaches, Japan could be all or some of these to its tourists.

When you pack your itinerary with temples, shrines and tech museums, make it a point to add a beach halt as well – visit the Mibaru Beach or go snorkelling at Cape Maeda. To soak in the true spirit of Japan, ditch those sterile hotels for one of these beautiful HomeAways.

1. Gorgeous suite, Okinawa-ken
This gorgeous HomeAway located at the southernmost prefecture of Japan – Okinawa – is every traveller’s delight. Wake up to calming ocean views when you stay at this newly renovated house. Its stylish interiors along with all amenities will ensure that you do not miss your regular hotel stay.

This conveniently located HomeAway is perfect for couples or small families. Spend your evenings exploring the many beaches around the island or looking at one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever witnessed.

Average price per night: SGD 316

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2. Scallop Beach Apartment, Okinawa-ken
Cannot wait to soak your feet in beach sand? Head straight to this pretty two-bedroom apartment that comes with a private beach and gives you all the access to the emerald green sea. A balcony and garden (think a BBQ party!) just add to the beauty of the house.

With a fully-functional kitchen and super spacious and equipped rooms, you will have nothing to complain about during your stay. So focus on spotting beautiful coral and spectacular marine life by snorkeling or scuba diving at the nearby Cape Maeda. You are sure to feel the sea breeze lingering in your senses long after you come back from this vacation.

Average price per night: SGD 635

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3. Huge sea-view house, Okinawa-ken
Looking for a venue to host that long-due family reunion? Why not have it at this luxurious house offering sea views like no other. With three bedrooms, a living and dining room, kitchen space and balcony, this house will make sure everyone gets their share of privacy. The house offers plenty of amenities and even water-sporting gears for snorkeling fans.

For days when you feel lazy to go out, enjoy unlimited indoor entertainment on the 100-inch projector screen! Parents of tiny tots can relax as this house is close to convenience stores, supermarkets, tons of restaurants and watersport centers. Other famous sightseeing spots such as Cape Maeda and Cape Zanpa, Zakimi Castle, and Ryukyu Village are just a short drive away. Staying at this pretty HomeAway will ensure you catch all the action with ease.

Average price per night: SGD 635

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4. Seaview Villa Onna Son, Okinawa-ken
An upscale neighbourhood, amazing views of the cobalt sea, and plush interiors. Need we say more? Book this four-bedroom house for its minimalist-yet-stylish furniture and stunning surroundings. This spacious house (2,000 sq.ft.) can easily accommodate 12 people, so more the merrier! The greens and blues outside this house will make you never want to stop gazing at them. Let your kids explore the beautiful 1,600 sq.ft. garden or take them on a day trip to the nearby Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium located within the Ocean Expo Park.

Average price per night: SGD 540

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5. Ocean view luxury villa, Okinawa-ken
If you are tired of the typical touristy, noisy hotel crowds, it’s time to move away from them and enter the world of blissful privacy. This luxurious villa, situated in the lap of the nature, is sure to make your holiday memorable. The majestic ocean views are perfect add-ons.

When it comes to food, why not cook a fabulous meal for your friends and family in the kitchen with the stunning ocean in the background? If cooking while on a vacation is not your idea of fun but you still want to eat home-cooked food, the host can double up as a chef if you request his services. How cool is that!

Average price per night: SGD 428

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6. Mountain top sea view villa, Okinawa-ken
Seen enough of breathtaking sea-views? Then how about taking in the massive expanse of the sea, viewing it from a mountain top!  This humongous 3,000 sq.ft. villa has everything you want, to make your vacation a fabulous one. It is five minutes away from the beach and has loads of indoor entertainment options too.

The huge garden (2000 sq. ft.) is perfect for barbeques with family. Looking for some couple time? Head out to the rooftop bathtub with your special someone. Need we say more? Psstt..look out for discounts offered by the host before you book this one.

Average price per night: SGD 538

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7. Ocean view house, Chiba Ken
If you are craving resort-type views and luxuries but don’t want to pay through your nose, look no further. This beautiful house with its trendy décor and well-stocked kitchen makes it an ideal stay. The location of the house – endless ocean waves and greenery – looks straight out of a movie.

The home is littered with throwaway cushions and comfortable settees that implore you to drop all that you are doing and find faces in the clouds.

Average price per night: SGD 178

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8. Tropical heaven, Okinawa-ken
Gorgeous. Spacious. Renovated. Do you already want to book this house or need we say more? Wake up to the sweeping views of the Onna-son beach during your stay at this HomeAway with three bedrooms and a balcony. This freestanding house is the ideal place to make the most of your Okinawa stay.

On a sunny day, enjoy a spectacular snorkeling session at the nearby Blue Cave known for its rich marine life and shiny, blue waters. You could also hang around Cape Maeda and try some gourmet food at one of the many restaurants there that offer global cuisines. After a fun day, let the gentle sound of waves lull you to sleep.

Average price per night: SGD 268

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9. Beautiful beach house, Okinawa-ken
If you want a taste of Japanese traditions along with all the modern amenities, book this house. This brand new two-bedroom house has a fully equipped kitchen and various entertainment options for those who love being indoors.

The good news for those who like to live it up is that the house is located at the centre of Onna resort area and is surrounded by shops and restaurants. So, you will be close to all the action! Children under six years can stay here for free.

Average price per night: SGD 279

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10. Ocean view house on hill, Okinawa-ken
Situated in the village of Yomitan, this house is sure to impress you with its amazing location, closeness to the beach and great views. The house is decorated in stylish-yet-comfortable interiors that will make you feel at home instantly. With its spacious backyard and well-stocked kitchen, it is definitely a better choice over any cramped hotel room.

Average price per night: SGD222

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