How to Make The Most Out of Travelers’ Questions

Your work doesn’t end when you get that booking. One of the most important aspects is preparing for your guests’ arrival.

Whether you’re just starting out with your first guests or a seasoned vacation rental veteran, guests will always have questions before arriving for their stay. Trying to respond to all of them can become a challenge when you’re dealing with many guests at the same time.

Here are some strategies to help you respond to your guests efficiently.

1) Be methodical about collecting questions

Keep a record of all the questions you receive and the answers you provide. Try to categorize these questions. Are there lots of questions about the property? The surrounding areas? Or are they related to a seasonal event? After a few guest stays, you should be able to identify any repetitive questions or see trends and themes.

2) Analyze the questions you have gathered, and take action

Grouping similar questions can help you to condense them down to a single question. This allows you to take a slightly different approach with the answers, but make sure to be very detailed. Questions that are more “case-by-case” based on a certain type of guest, can be addressed separately.

After you’ve whittled down your questions, now it’s time to figure out how to apply them. Consider some of the options:


  • Are there common questions that should have been available, even if they hadn’t booked?
    Add them to your property details page as a short FAQ.


  • Are there questions about checking in?
    Guests will only feel secure when they have the appropriate instructions, so if you offer self-check-ins instead of key collections, keep your guests updated on when to expect updates from you.


Note: We understand that check-in details can be sensitive. Which is why we recommend that you
keep all check-in communication within the HomeAway messaging to keep yourself safe and
prevent leakages.


  • What about questions on how to use any of the property’s amenities?
    You can create a simple online house manual or PDF that you can send out along with check-in details.


  • Are there questions about what to do around the area?
    Create your own personal “local guide” of favorite places to eat, attractions, and even the grocery store or local hospitals!


  • Were there any opportunities for you to offer more services?
    For example, if your property is on the beach, consider rentable life vests or boats.


There are a variety of ways you can tackle those pre-stay questions from your guests. Every contact you receive is another opportunity for you to improve your guests’ experience, and in the long term, get great reviews and more repeat bookings!

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