Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs – 2016 Edition

A great travel blogger is rare to find. Someone who can share their stories, photos, and opinions in an informative and interesting way that no one else can. We have searched across Malaysia’s travel blogging scene to compile this list of the best Malaysian travel bloggers of 2016.


Let us know in the comments if you agree with our selections, and who your favorite Malaysian travel bloggers are!



Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Part travel blog, part food blog, KY Speaks is a blog organized by travel topics and covers what to eat in many parts of Malaysia. He also includes advice on travel guides for readers who need to know how to equip themselves for travel, such as before certain hikes in mountainous tropical terrain.

Diving being another hobby, readers can find out great diving areas around South East Asia and what to expect on some of the tours around wreckage off the coast. For foodies, you can find numerous posts on international cuisine found in Malaysia, so no need to go hungry during your travels.


Tey Cindy

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Follow Tey Cindy through her enthralling cultural experiences around the globe.  She has tailored her website’s blog for readers interested in fashion, beauty, culture, travel, and unique international cuisine.

Her relaxed yet elegant writing style invokes intrigue as she details her impressions of historical monuments, local foods, and meeting people from around the world. She has a vivacious attitude and keeps a love for the finer things in life. Tey Cindy is perfect for readers wanting to quench their curiosity and wanderlust.


My Travelicious

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

The My Travelicious blog is written in both Malay and English by a group of travelers eager to bring to the world their passion for everything travel-related online for readers to enjoy. Their stories cover delicious foods found in different restaurants of Malaysia, reviews on accommodation, and the variety of exciting activities waiting for their readers when they visit.

The founder of My Travelicious, Fadil, is a marine engineer and shares his hobbies during travel through is vlog channel on YouTube, if you’d rather watch him on video.


The Chronicles of Mariane

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Mariane is a self-professed travel planning nerd, with a keen mind for detailing in writing everything her readers will need on their next travel abroad. Her blog, The Chronicles of Mariane, can help you figure out everything from booking your flight to planning your day trip once in you’ve arrived at your destination. Her guide also gives tips for traveling on a budget, touching mostly on Asian countries such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia.


Motormouth from Ipoh

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Motormouth from Ipoh is an excellent blog to read about food and travel around Malaysia and other SE Asian countries at your leisure. His readers learn about all the excellent culinary inventions from restaurants to famed street food in his travels.

Ipoh is a city north of Kuala Lumpur where Motormouth the writer is from and was the starting point of his original blog in 2008. Primarily a food blog, Motormouth from Ipoh combines travel and local taste tests for excursionists to view beforehand.


Always Travelicious

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

As a Taiwanese native currently based in Malaysia and Indonesia, KJ has affinities for travel. She also enjoys learning cultural nuances, different cuisine and getting to know new people from all over the world. She also has an impressive list of countries under her belt since she’s traveled across the world.

Her blog, Always Travelicious, is easily navigated by country. She has organized extensive list of places to eat in many of the countries for reader’s convenience.



Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

As the writer of a prolific travel blog, Lily Riani has extensive experience traveling across 4 continents. Her accrued discoveries and adventures are described with personal details and impressions in a comprehensive blog that will help readers prepare for affordable yet amazing trips.

Whether its exploring museums, camel riding or taking a whirl through Universal Studios, Lily has her readers covered on getting the most out of every activity. This blog is for travelholics looking for a diverse set of flashpacking experiences!


Alexandra Luella

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Intrigued by learning more about the world, Alexandra Luella travels with an open mind and desire to understand different cultures. A little bit of chic fashion mixed with excursions into fantastic places abroad, the blog uncovers culinary delicacies from Japan to France.

Discover beautiful urban and rural scenery as Alexandra Luella posts gorgeous photographs among her blog articles. Her readers usually don’t want to stop at one article, since every story inspires traveling to the fullest.


The Tiny Wanderer

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

If you’re looking to quit your job and travel the world, Ying Tey has some advice for you. Ying’s blog, the Tiny Wanderer is her ongoing project after she left her job as a PR consultant. She bought a one-way ticket to Myanmar and began blogging afterwards.

After approaching her new lifestyle with optimism, she gained the momentum from using her diverse skill and a network of connections along the way to make it as an aspiring travel blogger. Much to her father’s chagrin, Ying has remained outside the concept of a normal populous with a normal job, and created this wonderful blog that any reader with wanderlust can enjoy.



Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

One of the most comprehensive Malaysian blogs online, covering Kuala Lumpur’s famous foods, attractions and touristic staples, Kampungboy Citygal will take you on an adventure.  For serious travelers wanting to discover the best things to do and eat in Malaysia, this blog does not leave out the interesting particulars.

Furthermore, this couple’s travels reach many countries around the world, where they partake in numerous fun cultural activities.  Kampungboy Citygal boasts many prestigious awards and international press acclaim due to the quality of content and photography, a must-read!



Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Fashion and travel blogger, Jane Chuck, exercises her personal look into her writing, making for an edgy style travel blog. Each article featuring destinations around the world from NYC to London to Tokyo will take you to classy shopping outlets. They will also take you to chill-yet-fancy hang outs, and even to the more touristy locations.

Traveling with a sense of style is a must for Jane since her line of work is in fashion media. As such, the blog is very easy on the eyes, with beautifully shot photos of each fashion encounter.


Ramble and Wander

Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

As a Malaysian wanderer, Ramble and Wander is not afraid to travel outside his comfort zone. He takes great photos and creates new experiences. Active on Instagram and Facebook, he likes to share his travels with the world. He also provides unique insight to his readers and followers.

His style is to ‘go with the flow’. The words Ramble and Wander, provide meaning that fit his personality towards the open road.



Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs

Travel in comfort and style with Bangsar Babe. There are resources for finding the tastiest cuisine, amazing beaches, and hippest places to visit globally. Sue Lynn, the author of the blog, is a professional in digital marketing. She strives to build the blog into a brand of its own.

Focused on fashion, travel and food, the Bangsar Babe blog has grown into one of Malaysia’s largest lifestyle blogs. It  continues to attract readers to its captivating articles.



Malaysia’s Best Travel Blogs


Passionate about both food and travel, Jodie and Kingsley’s JKDrooling blog features articles integrating the wonders of both. Each article provides their readers with information and pictures of their travels and amazing meals along the way.

Their blog is perfect for travelers in Malaysia looking for the best authentic local cuisine. Location for these places are also stated in her blog. The tasty food portions shown in photos are a great preview of choices listed on the restaurant’s menu. The readers get a sense of taste and appearance through these photos.



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  1. October 26, 2016

    Tahniah for all winner, good job… 😉

  2. Mandy Kho
    November 23, 2016

    Actually, how do you gauge the best travel blogs? Because there are so many other Malaysian who are world renown with great organic traffic and not even listed here, like CC Food Travel, Malaysiasia, Penang Travel Tips and a few others. Then I saw that this was an expedia page, meaning, these bloggers have probably done work with expedia to be featured here. How nice.

    • November 22, 2017

      Thank you Mandy for the great list, we will look at these blog!

  3. August 1, 2017

    great post and awesome pictures! When i was traveling around Malaysia, spend good time and enjoyed very much!

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