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Things To Do In Langkawi
Known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah, this area of Malaysia is one of the best island destinations in Southeast Asia. This Malaysian archipelago is actually comprised of 104 beautiful islands, so if you enjoy beachfront life, then Langkawi has a lot to offer. Langkawi is also a jungle-rich area that is a perfect locale for anyone that loves wildlife, rich local culture, and natural vistas, so let’s take a deeper look at some of the Jewel of Kedah’s more interesting features.

Top Things to Do in Langkawi

Langkawi is a land of island-hopping, and each of the beautiful islands in the archipelago has its own set of activities that’ll entertain and captivate your imagination. The island is rich with mangroves, beautiful beachfront areas, waterways, and unique wildlife. When you’re done exploring, Langkawi has a rich culture with excellent local music that you’ll love getting to know.

Go Island Hopping on a Jet Ski

jet ski langkawi

Since Langkawi is made up of several small islands, one of the most exciting ways to explore the area is by jet ski. The archipelago’s collection of islands makes traveling around in this manner extremely fun, and since Langkawi can get a bit hot, this is also an excellent means of cooling off.

You can rent a jet ski fairly easily on Langkawi; most rental places are right on the beach and you can expect a jet ski-based tour of at least eight local islands. Typically, on an excursion like this, you’ll swim, snorkel, and explore some of the freshwater lakes that can be found in Langkawi.

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Challenge Yourself at the SkyTrex Adventure

For those seeking a unique style of Langkawi exploration, the archipelago is also home to one of the country’s SkyTrex Adventure parks. On SkyTrex, people over 12 years of age can explore the forest canopies of Langkawi. You’ll explore the jungle environment via nets, zip lines, and rope bridges that all provide an interesting perspective on the natural Langkawi environment.

Concerned about safety? The staff will help you stay safe and secure via magnetic clasps that keep you locked into a safety cable.

Explore Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

When you visit the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, you’ll receive an excellent perspective on the natural wonder of the Langkawi area. Not only will you be able to see some beautiful karst cliffs and mangrove forests, but you’ll also be able to see some of the unique wildlife that calls this environment home. Examples of this wildlife include the multicolored eagles that hunt in the area, the monkeys that live in the forest, and the Asian bent-wing bat species that call the nearby Gua Kelawar caves home.

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Go Diving at Pulau Payar Marine Park

If coral gardens and shipwrecks are your thing, then you’ll definitely want to try out Pulau Payar Marine Park. At the park, you can sign up for a scuba diving excursion or hire a professional diver to help you explore the rich and vibrant waters of Langkawi. Not only will you find schools of clownfish, groupers, and anemones to experience in the reef, but if you visit the area around Pulau Kaca, you’ll find a unique spot in the Langkawi area to engage in a little wreck diving.

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Top Things to See in Langkawi

If adventure is not your cup of tea, then there are plenty of places in Langkawi that can give you an amazing view. Don’t limit yourself to the land because the views from above these islands are truly amazing.

Take a Ride on the Langkawi Skycab

Langkawi skybridge

Recently, the Langkawi Skycab was named one of the best cable car systems in the world due to the beautiful vistas and excellent ride that the cable car provides. Your trip will last about 15 minutes, and during the ride, you’ll witness the Machincang mountain range, the dense Langkawi forest, and you’ll even be able to see into neighboring Thailand.

Once you’ve reached the Top Station, you can then proceed to the Langkawi Skybridge, which is a curved suspension bridge that traverses the deep ravine between two of the Langkawi mountains.

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See the View from Above while Parasailing

If you like adventure with a view, then parasailing is something that you will want to try while you are visiting Langkawi. You can find parasailing tours at many of the local beaches that take you out into the water to give you an eagle eye view of the beach below. Don’t forget your GoPro because views from this angle are rare and they make a beautiful picture.

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Enjoy Relaxing on the Beach

When you think of islands, beautiful beaches often come to mind. Langkawi has quite a few breathtaking beaches where you can relax and enjoy the tropical weather with a view. Here are a few that are worth checking out:

  • Tanjung Rhu Public Beach
  • Shark Bay Beach
  • Pantai Cenang Beach
  • Tengah Beach

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Food to Try in Langkawi

Part of the fun of traveling to different areas of the world is trying the food from there. Langkawi has a lot of delicious dishes that you should try during your travels; let’s take a look at a few.

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Laksa is a popular dish across Malaysia, but the ingredients will vary based on the area of the nation that you are visiting. Langkawi vendors make this dish with thick, handmade noodles, hard boiled eggs, and a spicy broth.


This is a chili sauce that is often added to dishes in Malaysia. There are many different variations on the sauce, but one that many Langkawi locals enjoy is sambolbelecan, which is red with spice and combined with a fish sauce to add additional flavor.

Mie Goreng

This is a fried noodle dish that is flavored with garlic, onion, and chili. The dish is served with egg, Chinese cabbage, fried prawn, and either sliced chicken or sliced meatballs.

Ice Kacang

Ice Kacang is a dessert item that is made from shaved ice and flavored jellies and then sweetened with fruit syrups. Some vendors add savory ingredients like beans or peanuts to this sweet treat as well to change the flavor.

Deep Fried Durian

Durian is a pungent fruit that can be found in Malaysia, but some vendors in Langkawi serve the fruit deep fried, giving it a new texture that many locals enjoy.

Facts & Statistics of Langkawi

  • Langkawi is an archipelago that is made up of 104 islands, but at high tide, only 99 of them are above sea level.
  • Only four of the islands that make up Langkawi have residents who permanently reside there
  • Langkawi currently has a population of 65,000.
  • Langkawi is tax-free, which makes shopping here much cheaper than the rest of Malaysia.
  • There is no public transportation in Langkawi.
  • There is a 40-foot eagle at Dataran Lang that was built as an emblem to Langkawi.
  • Langkawi was given World Geopark status from UNESCO in 2007.

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Final Thoughts

Langkawi is a great place to visit in Malaysia; it has picturesque beaches, enchanting waterfalls, and plenty of activities to get your adrenaline pumping. If you like to shop, Langkawi is an area that is duty-free so you won’t have to pay taxes on any purchases that you make while visiting. Looking for a paradise location to make your next vacation destination? Then, Langkawi is an island chain worth considering in Southeast Asia.

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