Things To Do In Selangor

Selangor things to do
Selangor is a part of Malaysia that can be found on the western coast of Peninsular. As one of the 13 states in the country, Selangor is the area that surrounds Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of the nation. When you want to get away from the hustle of the city, exploring the surrounding area of Selangor is an ideal getaway.

Top Things to Do in Selangor

Feel a need for adventure during your travels? Selangor is an area that is designed for thrill seekers to enjoy. Whether you want to go diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, or something a little less adrenaline pumping, you will be able to experience it in Selangor. Let’s take a look at a few of the top things to do.

Trek along the Chiling Waterfalls

Selangor, Chiling Waterfalls

The Chiling Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Selangor, but getting to the falls is quite an adventure in itself. You will traverse a trail that zigzags across the river until you reach the falls. The first crossing is a long suspension bridge, but after that, you will get your feet wet.

Be aware that the current in the water can be strong after it rains, so time your trip for dryer weather if you can. The invigorating hike will lead you past several beautiful waterfalls along the way, so take the time to relax and enjoy the sites.

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Explore to Your Heart’s Content at i-City

i-City is a technology park that is located in Shah Alam that comes alive at night with LED lights that enchant the city. There are vendors that are open 24 hours a day so that you can get your shopping done as well as plenty of attractions like the Red Carpet Wax Museum, the Trick Art Museum, the Double Decker Carousel, the Giant Ferris Wheel, and a few other amusement park rides that your family can enjoy.

If you need a break from the tropical heat of Selangor, then the Snowalk is a great option. There are interactive attractions in the cool that you can enjoy that let you experience being an Eskimo or traversing the Nile without the heat. There are also igloos, a bobsled experience, ice sculptures, and of course, more LED lights.

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Make a Splash at Sunway Lagoon

Selangor - Sunway Lagoon

Enjoy amusement parks? Sunway Lagoon is a theme park, but it is actually a combination of six different types of thrill parks all in one. First, the amusement park has a Wild West theme that will keep you and your family entertained for hours. Adults will love the scream park, which is effectively a Ghostbusters-themed haunted house.

There is also an extreme park for adrenaline junkies where you can find a slingshot ride, go-karts, and bungee jumping. Cooling off in the park is easy with Nickelodeon’s Lost Lagoon, Splash Beach, and all of the water slides that are offered in the water park.

Top Things to See in Selangor

Not everyone who visits Selangor is seeking thrills and excitement during their visit, so if you are looking for something a little more relaxing, Selangor is still a great option. In this area of Malaysia, there are plenty of beaches to relax on and nature to explore. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique things to see in Selangor.

Capture your Reflection at Sky Mirror


This is one of the most unique natural attractions in Selangor, and it is only something that is visible two times a month. Sky Mirror is located off of the coast Sasaran beach, and it is actually a small island that only emerges during the new moon and the full moon, which is when the tides are at their lowest. There is a small layer of water on the sandbar that creates a mirror-like reflection that is best seen late morning.

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Explore Nature at the Paya Indah Wetlands

If you enjoy wildlife and exploring nature, then the Paya Indah Wetlands is a great place to check out during your time in Selangor. There are feedings scheduled each day for the hippos and the crocodiles, so if this interests you, make sure to check a schedule. There are also 210 different species of birds that live in the park as well. If you climb the observation tower, there view from above is great, but if you like to get up close to the wildlife, there are trails that you can explore, or you can take a kayak or a paddle boat out into the water.

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Enjoy the Enchanting Kampong Kuantan Firefly Park

If you enjoy nature, then this park that houses fireflies offers a magical experience where you can see fireflies living in amongst the mangrove trees. At dusk the fireflies feed on the sap of the trees, so you will be able to see thousands of little fireflies flashing their lights along the Selangor River. There are small boat tours available that take you out on the water so that you can get a picture up close, but flash is prohibited because it can disturb the fireflies as well as take away from their lights in the photos.

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Food to Try in Selangor

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Food

Part of visiting a new location is trying the food that stems from that area of the world. Selangor is an area that is located on the western coast of Malaysia, which means that the cuisine from this area typically incorporates a lot of fish. Let’s take a look at some of the delicious offerings that you can find in Selangor.

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This is a soupy dish that is comprised of rice cakes, shrimp, and local vegetables like cabbage and carrots. The broth is typically a bit on the sweeter side because it is made using coconut milk. Eggs and other condiments are often added to the dish as well.

Rojak Klang

This is a dish that starts with fried dough fritters that are topped with vegetables, bean curds, and a spicy peanut sauce. Some eateries add hard boiled eggs or other toppings to the dish as well.

Bak Kut Teh

This is a hearty soup that starts with pork ribs that are simmered for hours until they are tender enough to fall apart in the broth. Soy sauce, spices, and herbs are added to the broth for additional flavor as well.

Facts and Statistics of Selangor

  • Selangor is one of the two states in Malaysia that has more than one city.
  • The population of this state is the largest in Malaysia.
  • The poverty rate of Selangor is the lowest in Malaysia.
  • Nearly 58 percent of the population in the state is Muslim.
  • Though Kuala Lumpur sits in the middle of Selangor, it is not actually a part of the state.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you enjoy nature of you are an adrenaline junkie who wants to test your limits, there is something for you in Selangor. You do anything from shopping to skydiving, or you can simply relax on the beach. This area of Malaysia is the most populous state because of its beauty, so if you are looking for a place to visit in Southeast Asia, Selangor is a great location for your next travel destination.

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