Top Things To Do In Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh Cave Temple

If you enjoy exploring natural attractions around the world, then Ipoh, which is a city in Malaysia, is a great place to visit. Ipoh is the capital of Perak, which is located in Northwestern Malaysia, and it is often overlooked as a location that is rich in history and culture. However, the city that originated as a tin mining town is now one of the best places to find great food without all of the crowds.

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Top Things to Do in Ipoh

Did you come to Ipoh looking for adventure and thrills? If so, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of things to do that will get your adrenaline pumping, but there are also places to visit that are rich in history and culture that you can visit while you are in the area.

Visit the Lost World of Tambun

Tourist Spot in Ipoh - Lost World of Tambun

When you are traveling with your family, nothing is more enjoyable than a day of thrills at an amusement park. The Lost World of Tambun is a thrill park and a water park in one so you can cool off from the heat with ease, and there is even a hot spring/spa area that you can enjoy when you need to recuperate from walking so much. If you are traveling with your kids, don’t forget to stop by the petting zoo.

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Check out the Geological Museum

This museum has over 600 minerals on display that you can explore as well as a number of gemstones, rocks, and fossils. Since this is an area that used to mine tin, this museum can give you more of the geological history of the area.

Explore the Cave Temples

Ipoh Cave Temple

One of the things that Ipoh is known for is the cave temples that can be found throughout the city. The natural design of the cave combined with the temple architecture is definitely worth seeing, but from the caves, you can find some amazing views as well.

  • Kek Lok Tong – This is a cave temple that has been a location for worship for nearly a century. Deep within the temple, you will see a number of Buddhist statues and structures made from limestone. Inside of the temple, there is also a tranquil garden where you can meditate or walk along the reflexology footpath that is located there.
  • Ling Sen Tong – This is a Taoist temple that features a number of majestic dragons in the architecture of the temple. You can also find other Chinese folklore characters amongst the stalactites and the stalagmites in the cave.
  • Perak Tong – This cave, which was discovered in 1926, is home to a 40-foot statue of Buddha.
  • Sam Pong Tong – This is the largest cave temple in the country, and it is home to several Buddha statues and five species of turtles.

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Top Things to See in Ipoh

If you’d sooner check out amazing views and discover some of the beauty that the city has to offer, there are several gardens and parks in the city that have amazing views, so if you are looking for some photo opportunities, then check out some of these top things to see in Ipoh.

Admire the Architecture of the Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station Tourist Spot

If you are into architecture, then this railway station, which was constructed in 1935, is a combination of Victorian and Moorish architecture that is quite unique. If you are interested in the history of the station, it was actually built to be used as a hospital, but since there was a delay in its completion, it became a station instead.

Enjoy Nature at Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Ipoh Tourist Spot - Gunung Lang Recreational Park

This park is well-known as one of the most picturesque areas in Ipoh, so it only makes sense to make this breathtaking park one of your must-see locations so that you can get some amazing photos and video of the area. There are gardens, gazebos, lakes, and even a tower to give you a view from above that allows you to see a good bit of the city.

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Discover the Art of Oldtown

One of the most unique ways to explore the history and heritage of the area is to locate the eight murals that can be found around an area of Ipoh that is named Oldtown. Each mural was designed by Ernest Zacharevic, and they are located within a 30-minute walk of each other in the town. Each of these murals shares a little of the history of the city; in fact, there is even one mural that brings the tin mining days of this city into light.

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Food to Try in Ipoh

Chee Cheong Fun

When you are visiting any location across the globe, you are going to want to try out the food and the cuisine to get a full impression of the culture of the area and enjoy some of the food that the locals love. Ipoh is well known for its cuisine, so here are a few dishes that you should try while you are visiting the city.

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Bean Sprout Chicken

This is poached chicken that is plated on top of bean sprouts so that each bite has a crunch that goes perfectly with the tender, juicy chicken. This is actually one of the most popular dishes amongst the locals in Ipoh, so make sure to try it before you leave the city.

White Coffee

This is a smooth blend of Arabica coffee beans and evaporated milk that has been around since this town’s tin mining days. It is strong, but it is so frothy and light that you will feel like you are drinking a latte instead of a traditional coffee.

Garlic Fish Balls

Fish balls are common in this area of Malaysia, but these small, tangy fish balls that are embedded with orange peels can only be found in dim sum shops within Ipoh. In most of these shops, you will find that the dish is steamed when you order it, so you do not have to worry about the freshness of the fish balls.

Chee Cheong Fun

This dish is basically steamed rice noodles that are served with sesame oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, shallots, and green chilies. Other condiments can be added to the dish, but many locals like the simplistic variation like you can find at Pasir Pinji.

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Facts and Statistics of Ipoh

  • Ipoh is the third largest city in Malaysia.
  • About 70 percent of the population that lives in Ipoh has a Chinese background.
  • In 1892, half of the city was destroyed by a fire.
  • Ipoh was named the capital of Perak in the year 1937.
  • Ipoh is well-known as one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia.

Final Thoughts

Though the city of Ipoh was founded because it was an area rich in tin, this city has become so much more. There are museums to explore, cave temples where you can worship, and plenty of parks that you can enjoy. If you are looking for a vacation destination that is not a tourist-heavy place to visit, then Ipoh is definitely a breathtaking location that you should consider.

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