Top Things To Do In Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Bharat Tea Plantation
For those looking for a little excitement and beautiful vistas, the Cameron Highlands is a beautiful city in Malaysia  and excellent place that not many people have heard of.
Founded in 1885 by Sir William Cameron, this Malaysian region is famous for its scenery and beautiful weather, which makes it a great place for the numerous plantations that dot its landscape. In fact, gardening is part of the culture, and as a result, you’ll find tea plantations, honey bee farms, and fruit farms aplenty.

Top Things To See In Cameron Highlands

Some of the best features of this Malaysian region are its absolutely stunning views and vistas. This area is coated in lush vegetation and has some of the best sunsets and sunrises in the local area – some of which you can see from high elevations thanks to the hills and mountains of the Cameron Highlands.

Hiking the Mossy Forest

mossy forest cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands has a plethora of hiking opportunities, but the most well-maintained hiking opportunity is in the Mossy Forest. In fact, out of all of the Brinchang locations, this one is by far the most popular. During your hike, you’ll traverse highlands and even scale parts of a mountain, and since there are guides, you’ll know where the tea gardens and best vistas are as you walk.

Soak in the Views at Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands Bharat Tea Plantation

One of the busiest places to visit in the Cameron Highlands is its most famous tea plantation. The Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation is a visually stunning area to visit, and you’ll be pleased to walk through the winding, maze-like area that is filled with verdant greens and geometrical patterns. This part of the region is tour-free, so the exploration is completely up to you, and as a result, you will find plenty of unique opportunities to take a few pics and just enjoy the plantation’s charms.

Awash Yourself in a Sea of Purple at the Lavender Garden

Not only is the Cameron Highland lavender garden very fragrant, but nowhere on the island will you have a more beautiful landscape to view. In addition to the lavender plants, the garden also houses lilacs and a plethora of blooming plant species that aren’t purple like begonias and coreopsis as well. Once you’re done touring the blooming section of this garden, treat yourself to some deliciously unique lavender ice cream, which rounds out the experience perfectly.

Experience Multicolored Majesty at the Butterfly Farm

Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia

This tourist attraction is actually one of the oldest in the area, and if you’re interested in seeing some truly beautiful and pristine sights, the butterfly farm is a good option. This is a fairly kid-friendly location where you and your family can walk around and experience the colorful flying insects in their own homes. In addition to its butterfly inhabitants, this farm also houses several species of beetle, insects, amphibians, and more than a few reptiles.

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Top Things To Do in Cameron Highlands

Pleasurable aromas are one of the most interesting features of this area of Malaysia. This is mostly due to the numerous plantations and farms around the region, but if you’re looking for thrills and a little bit of adventure, you’ve also come to a great place. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do in the area.

Explore the Sam Poh Temple

Sam Poh Temple

When you visit the temple, you’ll be amazed at its beautiful architecture that is filled with depictions of Asian mythological figures and beautiful art. This temple was built during the 1970s, and it’s built to overlook beautiful Brinchang.

Sam Poh has the distinction of being one of the largest temples in all of Malaysia, so it’s certainly worth a visit when you’re really getting to know the Cameron Highlands. This Buddhist temple has a very large statue of Lord Buddha himself and also has a bright yellow and red coloration that’s absolutely stunning.

Explore Orang Asli Villages

Orang Asli People in Malaysia

The Orang Asli are the indigenous people of this area, and visitors to Cameron Highlands can get to know these people and their ways via a tour. The Orang Asli live in villages peppered throughout the Cameron Highlands jungle and live a nomadic lifestyle.

You’ll be able to see thatch houses, children at play, and immerse yourselves in the local lifestyle. A visitor can also try out new things in this area like the Orang Asli nose flute or play the Orang Asli stick and thread game.

Pick Your Treat at Raju Hill Strawberry Farm

Raju Hill Strawberry Farm - Cameron Highlands

Strawberries are some of nature’s most delicious fruits, so it can definitely be a pleasure to visit this strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands. Not only are the fruit delicious, but the farmland is extensive and filled with beautiful areas to explore. You’ll be able to pick strawberries throughout your visit, and when you’re done, you can even pay for them based on weight.

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Food to Try in Cameron Highlands

Food To Try In Cameron Highlands

To become closer to a place, it’s always a good idea to take the time to get to know its cuisine. Cameron Highlands has a rich history of cultural dishes that are well-represented in its local eateries, and the food options that pepper the area are also present in unique and entertaining ways, so let’s take a look at some of the dining options in the region.

Home Town Steamboat

This restaurant has been in the area since 1999 and is one of the most popular fine dining options in the region. One of the best features of this steamboat restaurant is the fact that the food is prepared over a charcoal stove, which gives all of the dishes a truly robust, smoky flavor. This is a great place to get to know the soups and chicken dishes that are popular in this area.

Cameron AA Curry House

Malaysia has a unique culinary experience that draws influence from places like China and India, and if you’re looking for some authentic Indian and Pakistani food, then the Cameron AA Curry House is a great option. Food actually varies significantly in this eatery, but their curry is absolutely delicious and should be tried by anyone visiting the area.

Ferm Nyonya Restaurant

Peranakan, or Nyonya cuisine, is traditionally Malaysian cuisine that has roots that go back to the first Chinese immigrants that settled in Malaysia. This restaurant, which is located in Tanah Rata, is a great option for anyone looking to get to really know the local cuisine. Meals like sliced chicken and cashew nuts are staples here, and they are served up to visitors with a high attention to quality.

Facts and Statistics of Cameron Highlands

  • This area is one of the oldest tourist-centric locations in Malaysia.
  • The weather is almost always comfortable and is perfect for the plantations and farmlands that are common in the area.
  • The largest flowering plant on the planet, the rafflesia, is native to the jungles of the Cameron Highlands.
  • The Cameron Highlands is unique to Malaysia because it is drained by eight rivers.
  • This highland area is a full 1500 meters above sea level, which is why it’s so cool.

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Final Thoughts

While this area was first developed as a farmland by famous British Surveyor William Cameron, it has so much more to offer these days. It’s a location that is lush with tropical vegetation, plantations, and a friendly atmosphere that’s almost always comfortable. Visiting the region has a lot of benefits; you’ll be able to enjoy top-shelf cuisine, explore various farming locales, and even experience the life of its native people.


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